Wind Project Development

WINData, LLC is a veteran engineering company providing professional wind project development services to the wind industry. WINData’s wind project work comprises over 15 GW of wind farms and conceptual developments ranging from pre-developed to late stage sites across the western US.

WINData’s pioneering work in the 1990’s and early 2000’s contributed significantly to the wind energy projects on the Blackfeet reservation, Cut Bank/Ethridge and Judith Gap in Montana; the Columbia River Gorge in Washington and Oregon and in Casper Wyoming

WINData offers a full range of wind energy consulting and professional services from resource  analysis, plant design and permitting to negotiation of Interconnection and Power Purchase Agreements and plant construction. Our wind energy consultants have been in the wind origination business since 1991 and have been involved in every aspect of the business from initial land owner relations to negotiations with power off-takers.

Comprehensive professional services

WINData offers the following comprehensive professional services to clients:

  • Utility and energy business technical team leadership
  • Identification and origination of wind development opportunities
  • Project scoping, development strategy and bid formulation
  • Technical team assembly, leadership and management
  • Wind resource assessment and meteorological science
  • Wind project micro-siting, project design and output modeling
  • Conducting meetings with land owners, communities, Utilities, stakeholders, governmental agencies and tribes
  • Contract and agreement formulation, negotiation and execution
  • Technical writing and presentations
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Jim Nutter 31-10-2013, 13:10


I just tried to call you and I got a fax tone. I am doing some basic research on tubular steel towers and their actual service life beyond the 20 year standard. I was wondering if you all had come across massive failures at year 20 or if these towers (if properly maintained) last longer?



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