Met Towers

Met Towers Sales, Delivery and Installation

A new standard in meteorological data collection

Met Towers Sales, Delivery and Installation

WINData sells, and installs conventional meteorological (“met”) towers, this includes tilt-up towers, ranging from 20 to 60 meters, as well as permanent guyed-lattice structure towers ranging from 80 to 120 meters. We install NRG towers and other towers that are fully compatible with industry-standard instruments and premium sensors.

WINData  install

DSCN4157WDN 60 meter met tower install for NRELWINData 100 meter met tower install in Texas100 meter installJDR_60_Large

WINDataNOW! SuperDuty® Met Towers

WINData professionals also engineer, manufacture, sell, and install WINDataNOW! SuperDuty® Met Towers – 60 meter meteorological towers that contain design improvements over competitors’ products.


Click on the links below to view tower designs and specifications for our WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 50M-3 and 60M-5 “Met” Tower Systems:

     WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 60M-5

     WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 50M-3

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