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▶ Fairfield Wind Turbine #1 Rotor Installation – YouTube

▶ FFW #1 Rotor Installation – YouTube.

Installing the rotor on Fairfield Wind turbine #1, a General Electric 1.7-100. Work conducted by Dick Anderson Construction of Great Falls.


▶ Fairfield Wind Turbine #1 Nacelle – YouTube

▶ Fairfield Wind Turbine #2 Nacelle – YouTube.

Fairfield Wind completes first turbine

The Fairfield Wind project has completed the installation of its first two Turbines.  When complete the project will comprise six General Electric 1.7-100 turbines on 80 meter towers.  The 10 MW project will sell its power to Northwestern Energy under a 20 year power purchase agreement.  The Fairfield Wind was originated by WINData of Great Falls, Montana and is owned in a partnership with Foundation Windpower. The project is being constructed by Dick Anderson Construction of Helena and General Electric.

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Montana Department of Environmental Quality DEQ – Wind in Montana

Wind in MontanaMontana has wind, lots of wind. The state is ranked among the top five for wind power potential and several large, utility-scale wind farms are in operation. The total capacity of installed commercial wind turbines is more than 500 megawatts. In 2009, Montana ranked 9th in wind electricity generation by state, producing 820,924 MWh of electricity. More than 3 percent of the electricity generated in Montana that year came from wind, a percentage that is even higher today. Judith Gap Wind Farm, Credit: Montana Film OfficeThe following links offer more information about wind and wind development opportunities in Montana. Tax and Other Incentives Wind Data Sources Montana Wind Power Map Permit Requirements Developing Wind Energy on State Lands Basics for Small Wind Energy Systems Net Metering and Easements Wind Powering America U.S. DOE Wind Organizations Commercial Wind Projects Small Wind Installations in Montana AWEA Small Wind Turbine Market Report Wind Powering Montana Workshop Presentations Big Sky, October 3, 2001

via Montana Department of Environmental Quality DEQ – Wind in Montana.

Springdale/Coyote Wind Farm « WINData LLC

Springdale/Coyote Wind Farm « WINData LLC.

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