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High Fidelity Data Systems

Real-Time Data for Enhanced Operations

WINDataNOW! real-time meteorological tower technology is pioneering the next generation of data acquisition systems. WINData’s systems allows operators to collect high fidelity data to provide better forecasting and enhanced operations for improved power production and better plant economics.


High fidelity equipment reveals hidden characteristics of wind data

11% difference in estimated power density projections

WINData has created the next generation met tower wind data logging technology using industry standard components and standards. The WINData logger, in partnership with OSIsoft, Inc. (makers of the PI System), allows for very high fidelity wind speed data to be captured from met tower applications. This high fidelity wind data gives WINData customers deeper insight into their site’s potential.

Wind data from WINData’s real time data logger can be stored on site for extended periods of time or be streamed live to WINData’s central servers or your own PI System infrastructure.This gives you the information you need to make sound decisions, and puts met tower data right alongside SCADA data for wind farm operators.

The real-time data logger is able to operate either in a connected or disconnect fashion, and will catch up WINData’s central servers in case of connectivity outages. The WINDataNOW! data logger operates completely off the grid and has minimal power requirements.

Data can be made available to users in many different ways. From a real-time web-portal, to a daily, weekly, or monthly assessment of your sites. WINData analyses and custom analyses that you provide can all be used in conjunction with the wind data hosting services of WINData.

The wind speed data collected by WINData’s real-time logger is an asset that becomes an integral part of your site’s power production. Development and operating companies will use this archived wind speed data later for warranty and performance assessments long after the site has been developed. Due to the fact that the logger is based on the PI System from OSIsoft, your data will fit seamlessly into any operating company’s operations infrastructure.

Because of the wind data’s high fidelity, wind scientists and WINData experts can perform more detailed analysis on your site’s wind patterns and discover hidden information that 10 minute average data obscures. Greater understanding of multi-level turbulence, wind direction shifts, and ramp event effects are all made possible by collecting better, high fidelity data.

Contact WINData today to discover how your met tower installation can be powered by the PI System and WINData’s expertise.

View our handout:“Getting high fidelity met data into OSIsoft’s PI System”

Read more about our high-fidelity met systems at


Met Towers

Met Towers Sales, Delivery and Installation

A new standard in meteorological data collection

Met Towers Sales, Delivery and Installation

WINData sells, and installs conventional meteorological (“met”) towers, this includes tilt-up towers, ranging from 20 to 60 meters, as well as permanent guyed-lattice structure towers ranging from 80 to 120 meters. We install NRG towers and other towers that are fully compatible with industry-standard instruments and premium sensors.

WINData  install

DSCN4157WDN 60 meter met tower install for NRELWINData 100 meter met tower install in Texas100 meter installJDR_60_Large

WINDataNOW! SuperDuty® Met Towers

WINData professionals also engineer, manufacture, sell, and install WINDataNOW! SuperDuty® Met Towers – 60 meter meteorological towers that contain design improvements over competitors’ products.


Click on the links below to view tower designs and specifications for our WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 50M-3 and 60M-5 “Met” Tower Systems:

     WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 60M-5

     WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 50M-3

Met Tower Upgrades

WINData LLC supplies a complete range of equipment and services for met towers. These include instrument upgrades, repairs, and complete rehabilitation options to met tower owners and asset managers.
Services include:

  • Rewiring existing instruments
  • Replacing broken or defective instruments
  • Upgrading current instruments with higher fidelity instruments
  • Reprogramming data loggers
  • Replacing data loggers with WINData’s high fidelity, real-time loggers
  • Adjusting met tower installations
  • Rehabilitating or replacing met tower foundations

Depending on the met tower’s conditions or requirements of the job, some projects can be performed without lowering the tower.Contact WINData for an estimate of your project’s requirements.

WDN 60 meter met tower install for NREL

Tower Installation

WINData provides complete procurement, deployment, maintenance & repair, and removal/relocation services for tilt-up meteorological masts and instrumentation, sodar systems, and lidar systems. We are experienced with common NRG and Second Wind equipment and less common/legacy equipment by Campbell Scientific, Ammonit, Hoek Met Towers, Ge:Net, Double K, AAT, CTS, WINData, NexGen and many others.


We have been providing these services consistently for many years throughout the United States and occasionally internationally. We are experts with complex terrain, 50m, 60m, 80m and 100m installations, and we work out of several regional locations across the country. WINData can procure, refurbish, deliver and install used turn-key met tower systems from 50 to 120 meters .

WINData also offers professional services which include, meteorological (“met”) system array design, tower specification, project installation and data integration to support end user wind integration requirements and forecasting data services.

The most crucial step in the development of a potential wind site is the collection of accurate and verifiable wind speed and direction data as well as other meteorological parameters. WINData met towers and WINData professional installation services insure collection of “bankable” on-site wind data using guyed met towers in heights up to 100 meters. Each met tower system installation is planned, specified and supervised by company engineers in conjunction with our clients’ in-house specialists. On-going support is available throughout the entire data collection period.

met tower crew

met tower crew

WINData installs tilt-up met towers to each customer’s specification.Selecting the proper height is important and WINData will select the appropriate size and instrumentation for your site. Common heights include 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 80 meter towers.Taller, non tilt-up 100 meter towers are also available for either permanent or temporary installation.

80-meter tilt up tower

80-meter tilt up tower

WINData installation crews install turn-key met tower systems from 50 to 120 meters .

Site Prospecting

WINData has focused on wind energy site prospecting throughout the US for over 22 years.  WINData provides site prospecting services and creates value by conducting detailed site identification and resource analysis, securing development rights and demonstrating project viability.

WINData’s wind site prospecting personnel have long term expertise in desktop level studies,  site topographical explorations and met program design of prospective windy real estate parcels. WINData provides project management for installation of met towers and instrumentation of a prospect site.

As part of the prospecting process, WINData experts explore the complexities or hidden attributes of the site to determine early critical path issues. WINData works with local entities, future power off-takers, and development entities from the outset to streamline the development process and build appropriate levels of awareness about a site’s potential.

Once site prospect is leased, met towers are installed and data is flowing into WINData’s servers, we continuously monitor and analyze data as a precursor to a full site assessment study which usually occurs after a year or more of data is collected.

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