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Possibly the most crucial step in the development of a potential wind site is the collection of accurate and verifiable wind data. WINData professional services comprise meteorological (“met”) tower design, installation and data integration to support end user requirements and forecasting data services.

WINData met towers and WINData professional installation services insure collection of “bankable” on-site wind data at hub heights up to 110 meters. Each met tower system installation is planned, specified and supervised by company engineers in conjunction with our clients’ in-house specialists. On-going support is available throughout the entire data collection period.

WINData sells and installs tilt-up, guyed lattice and SSV met towers to suit each customer specification – met towers up to 100 meters are available for either permanent or temporary installation.

WINData’s “WINDataNOW! SuperDuty® data collection towers” are available for sale, delivery and installation throughout continental North America. WINDataNOW!® towers are manufactured using high strength galvanized steel and are available in heights up to 60-meters.

Meteorological “Met” Towers

WINDataNOW! SuperDuty® data collection towers are available for sale and installation throughout continental North America. WINDataNOW!® towers are manufactured using high strength galvanized steel and are available in heights of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60-meters.

WINData® installs NRG NOW systems in 50M, 60M and 80M heights and offers Second Wind towers systems and instruments.

WINData® is a registered reseller, distributor and installer of Mega80 (formerly AAT – Groupe Ohmega) 60M, 67M and 80M Met Towers.

For Hub-height measurement WINData installs Sabre and Rohn guyed lattice towers and Self supporting SSV towers for heights of 65 to 110 meters (350 feet).

Wind and Climatological Sensors

Sensors are installed to measure wind speed, direction, temperature and barometric pressure at designated heights. Clients’ choice of industry standard sensors are available for purchase and installation.

Data Loggers

Industry standard loggers available for met tower installations from WINDataNOW!®, NRG, Second Wind and Campbell Scientific.

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60-5 Met Tower

Wet stamp WDN SuperDuty 60-5

Equipment for Lease

WINData can provide most of its towers and technology for lease.WINData will install and configure the met tower as a complete package.This helps take the guess work out of your site assessment.

Contact WINData today for more information.

Met Towers

Met Towers Sales, Delivery and Installation

A new standard in meteorological data collection

Met Towers Sales, Delivery and Installation

WINData sells, and installs conventional meteorological (“met”) towers, this includes tilt-up towers, ranging from 20 to 60 meters, as well as permanent guyed-lattice structure towers ranging from 80 to 120 meters. We install NRG towers and other towers that are fully compatible with industry-standard instruments and premium sensors.

WINData  install

DSCN4157WDN 60 meter met tower install for NRELWINData 100 meter met tower install in Texas100 meter installJDR_60_Large

WINDataNOW! SuperDuty® Met Towers

WINData professionals also engineer, manufacture, sell, and install WINDataNOW! SuperDuty® Met Towers – 60 meter meteorological towers that contain design improvements over competitors’ products.


Click on the links below to view tower designs and specifications for our WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 50M-3 and 60M-5 “Met” Tower Systems:

     WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 60M-5

     WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 50M-3

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